Play Battlefield on Linux

All of us know to use wine, but there is too many problems. And I am writing how did I make it.

Install lutris and drivers

  1. Install lutris from AUR, and then install origin use lutris script:
  2. Install DXVK and its drivers.

Performance issue

If you have performance issue in battlefield 5, you need to:

  1. Disable DX12 in game.
  2. Install lutris-wine-git. This is a wine manager, which helps you to install lutris-wine and proton-wine.
  3. Uninstall wine. And install latest wine-lutris. (I'm not sure which one is the best. Let me know if you have suggestion)
  4. After uninstalling system-builtin wine, there would be a warning while launching game from lutris. Ignore it.

After doing this, I'm only losing 10% - 20% FPS compared with windows.